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The SmartRisk Innovation Lab provides a variety of risk innovation and design learning opportunities. You can explore our self-serve content or reach out to a SmartRisk designer for live training or design thinking workshop options.


Design thinking enables the creation of innovative human-centric solutions while engaging colleagues in the ideation and design process. Everyone can engage in the design thinking process regardless of experience or role. Foundational topics provide an overview of the design thinking framework; practitioner topics provide deep dives into specific areas or tools that design practitioners can use for their own initiatives.


Experience designers are responsible for making the interactions between products, services, and solutions more useful and useable for users. In the design process, we use empathy to better understand who we’re designing for, what’s important to them, and how to create a great experience. Get started on your experience design path.


Humans learn and understand through stories. Learn how to leverage storytelling and visual design techniques to bring your innovation work to life.


Leadership today is not about knowing all the answers, but turning uncertain conditions into growth opportunities. Creative leaders lead with vision, through culture, and alongside your team. Gain techniques to guide others through uncertainty using the process of experimentation and shift the culture by tapping into beliefs and behaviors that support creativity.

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