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The web has been around for more than two decades and in that short time has become the de facto standard for communication, collaboration, and commerce across the globe. Even if you aren’t a developer or designer, knowing how the web works and is structured along with a little programming know-how, can be really helpful. The purpose of these labs is to introduce you to the basics of web design using HTML, CSS, and some introductory JavaScript. By the end of the labs, you’ll have enough knowledge to be able to design and develop your own basic web pages.

These labs will get you started on your web development journey, but I encourage you to explore the vast resources available on the internet if you want to dig deeper into certain areas. Check out Resources for links to popular web forums and informational sites.

In WebLab 01, we’ll cover:

01 | What (and who) is web design?

02 | How does the internet work?

03 | Web page deconstruction

04 | Web design basics: Intro to HTML

05 | Let’s build a page!