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The purpose of the weblabs is to help get you up to speed with some basic front-end development concepts. It’s not expected that you’ll be a fabulous developer at the end, but to ensure that you have a baseline understanding of how web development works and get exposure to the languages used in front-end development.

If you want to become a good developer, it’s all about practice, practice, practice. The web development domain is deep and challenging. Find lots of examples and start learning how they work. Learn by design.

Even if you never code out a website by hand, many modern applications provide end-user extensions for incorporating custom HTML and CSS. Having a knowledge of those languages will help you leverage more advanced capabilities in the tools you use every day.

There are five weblabs to get you started. In each lab, you’ll find links to other sites and resources that you can delve into if you want to learn more about the topic.

01 Intro to Web Design

02 Responsive Design with CSS and Bootstrap

03 Interactive Design with JavaScript

04 Wireframing

05 Version Control with Git