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The Definition of Done (DoD) is defined by each team to ensure consistent acceptance criteria. The DoD helps ensure the completeness of the team’s work. Please make sure that your team adheres to the following minimum DoD for your website deliverables. Teams are welcome to add to this list for their own projects.

  • Files follow standard naming convention
  • Code is appropriately annotated
  • Website file templates and assets (images, video, audio) are sourced
  • Website deliverable is responsive across mobile devices (latest versions of iOS and Android) and current versions of Chrome, Edge, Firefox and Safari
  • Website functionality is consistent across devices and browsers (as listed above)
  • Content is spell-checked and grammatically correct
  • Style guidelines defined and adhered to
  • User stories (tasks and tests) are complete and closed out in Trello
  • Images are sized appropriately

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