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Web Consultancy Project

Imagine you work for a web design and development consultancy. You have a new client who is a musician. They’ve asked for your help in building out a digital presence for his band, but isn’t quite sure where to start. In this course, we’ll be going through a series of assignments to understand what’s important to your client and their target audience, design a solution that meets the artist’s needs, and develop a working prototype. We’ll be using hands-on User-Centric Design, User Experience, and Agile development practices as we complete the assignments.

Each week we’ll work on a different part of the design and development challenge. Specific instructions for completing each assignment are included in each week’s assignment overview. A simple example is included with each assignment to get you started. It is expected that you will build on the examples and make them your own.

Module 01 | User Research Study

Individual Assignment | 10% of Course Grade

As you’re working with your musician client, you want to better understand the band, their target audience, and competitors. By understanding what’s important from a user’s perspective, you will begin to uncover opportunities for developing meaningful solutions and shape a product strategy for your client that will influence the overall design and development of your end deliverable.

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Module 02 | Personas & Vision

Individual Assignment | 15% of Course Grade

Once we’ve collected the insights from our user research, we’ll use that information to create personas, representative outlines of the people we’re creating solutions for. Second, we’ll compose a vision statement that outlines the overarching goal that will align your team to the importance of your initiative.

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Module 03 | Product Backlog

Individual Assignment | 15% of Course Grade

In this assignment, you’ll identify user flows for your primary personas, set up an initial backlog for your site design, and create a content map to highlight the assets you will want to gather in support of your design. Create a prioritization for your backlog and outline a minimally viable release.

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Module 04 | Wireframe

Individual Assignment | 15% of Course Grade

Create a wireframe that supports the MVP using Adobe XD. Share your design on the course discussion forum and provide feedback on at least two of your peers’ wireframes.

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Module 05 | Sprint Planning

Individual Assignment | 10% of Course Grade

Using the backlog you established in the previous assignment, create a one-week sprint goal, define stories, tasks, and tests.

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Module 06 | Sprint Execution & Release

Individual Assignment | 10% of Course Grade

Using your sprint backlog, create a working prototype. Wrap up your sprint with a short retrospective.

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